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Youth Leaders Will: 

  • Maintain a healthy and growing personal spiritual life and lead others to do the same.

  • Pay attention to the hopes, concerns, and needs of youth in your church and community to determine how your congregation might serve them and their families and how they might serve one another as Christian disciples and good neighbors.

  • Connect youth ministry to the overall goals of your congregation. Advocate for including youth in all aspects of the ministry of the congregation.

  • Raise awareness in our congregation to youth issues, needs and contributions in the community and the world. This leader will advocate that all youth are welcome.

  • Work with youth and others to plan and carry out youth ministry in a varied and wide-ranging program that includes worship, study, fellowship, and service opportunities.

  • The coordinator will promote understanding of Christian vocation in daily life, building an understanding of God’s call for all Christians.

  • Youth Leaders will advocate and encourage young people to develop their own gifts, skills and ideas.

  • Learn about curriculum and other resources available for youth in order to help teachers and group leaders select appropriate resources for study and growth.

                                                                 HOW CAN YOU HELP?

  • Find out what’s currently available for youth and what youth need so that we can plan ahead. Seek to identify gaps where our congregation can lead the way in making a positive difference in the lives of young people.

  • Identify what’s important to young people? What issues will impact their lives that they have not noticed?

  • What’s happening in our community?

  • What’s happening in our congregation?

  • Convene the youth council (if organized) to evaluate, share hopes and concerns, and plan for the year. Or ask a group of youth, parents and other adults to help you plan. Based on your research and observation, identify the needs of youth in your community and work with other congregations and community organizations to serve youth and their families.

  • Share the ministry with others by delegating projects to people in the church or community who have a passion for working with youth.

  • Set aside time for personal spiritual practices which build your attentiveness to God's will and direction for your leadership.