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Church History

In 1932, eight God fearing souls were lead to organize a church. The church called its first pastor Rev. W. D. Love. The church didn’t have a permanent place of worship so they met from house to house.

In 1936, the church called Rev. E.W. Whatley. It moved from Alma St. to Saint George.

In 1940, Rev. Whatley was called to another church, the Rev. Gaye was called,  then Rev. Treadwell, then the Rev. Tillar.

In 1940’s the Goodwill B.C.  moved to 4101 Spring Ave in South Dallas. Rev. Z. R. Figures was called to be its pastor.

In 1953, the notable Rev. J. C. Huey was called to pastor the Goodwill B. C. The church building was paid off and several properties were bought.

In 1983 after 30 years on Spring Ave, the church erected a new edifice at 516 Jim Miller. On November 25, 1989, God called to an end the illustrious thirty-six year pastorate of Rev. Huey.

On April 16, 1990, Rev. A. E. Sharp was called to continue leading the G.B.C.

In 1995, the Rev. G. W. Gregory served as its pastor.

In 1997, the Rev. M. L. Dorsey assumed the pastorate.

On March 19, 2000, Rev. Demetri M. Cotton was called to be its pastor, where he currently serves as its under-shepherd to this day.