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Christian Education Ministry Objective: 

To assist the Pastor and the Church in identifying training needs and opportunities 
for the church to develop and grow together as a whole body.


Chrisitan Education Ministry

The significance of Christian Education in the our church  is of the utmost importance.  Through the study of the Bible, the church and individual believers find guidance for what they are to do and be.  Through teaching of the word Christians are able to become;

  1.  Mature Christians in their daily walk

  2. Given a model for Christian behavior

  3. Strengthened and empowered for living Christ-like everyday

  4. Able to endure and discover solutions to the problems they encounter daily

Scriptural References:

Matthew 28:18-20

Acts 5:42; 8:30-3a

II Timothy 2:2; 2:15-16

Titus 1:9

Ephesians 4:1-12

The Bible contains the message of salvation.  All who are lost can discover the way of salvation through the Word of God.  Quality Bible teaching leads people to a clear understanding of God and His principles and aids in changing their lives to fulfill the will of God.


Christian Educators are to be committed to Christian Teaching while teaching others the importance of relationships with other fellow believers while studying God’s word.


Life is about learning, growing, adapting, and learning some more. It follows, then, that we must be taught the ABCs of our faith, faith tradition, and Church. That, simply stated, is the role of the ministry of Christian Education, though there is a lot more. 
      Our goal is to;
     Inform, and Transform!!